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Dr John Densley


Dr John Densley, Densley Consulting, Toronto, Canada: John Densley graduated from Queen Mary College, University of London with a B. Sc. (Eng) and Ph.D. in 1964 and 1967. He spent 32 years in research into aging and diagnostics of electrical insulation, particularly in medium- and high-voltage cables at the National Research Council of Canada, and at the Ontario Hydro Research Division, which later became Ontario Power Technologies and then Kinectrics. He retired from Kinectrics in 2000 and is now a consultant. Dr. Densley is a Fellow of the IEEE, and is active in the IEEE PES Insulated Conductors Committee (ICC), CIGRE and IEC. He is the Chair of groups in ICC responsible preparing guides on the testing of medium voltage cables under wet conditions and also on the field testing of cables using VLF. He is a Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario.

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