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LORD Consulting is now offering in a web-based, self-learning format, its long-established, unique, and proven competency-assessed training course for both sub-surface utility location professionals and excavation professionals.  This course follows the patented ‘LORD Method’ of 2005:  ‘Method for a Quality of Outcome-based approach to the location, mapping, and management of sub-surface utilities’Click below to see more:

LORD Consulting have been long known for its Industry training and service delivery. 

Training is a vital, and often final step, in the ultimate implementation of any new or revised processes and LORD Consulting takes this step very seriously for that reason. 

With LORD Consulting having a highly diverse capability profile (see: ) the range of training courses that can be offered is extensive.  If required, courses are specifically tailored to a client’s requirements at an additional cost. 

Training is offered in classroom or field environments (typically at sites provided by the client).  Informal competency assessment of attendees is also available in certain courses where required but is a popular option where field tasks are required to be carried out by a wider range of personnel using specialised equipment.

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