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Welcome to the LORD Consulting web site.


At LORD Consulting we pride ourselves on our comprehensive asset condition management consulting service provided to power and civil industry clients in both Australia and New Zealand.

Our areas of expertise are in the condition assessment, risk mitigation, and life management of power systems assets and infrastructure, and damage minimisation of subsurface infrastructure, focussing all the while on delivering required levels of reliability and plant longevity.


The focus of LORD Consulting is the provision of informed, peer-reviewed, and relevant consultancy in the field of asset condition management.  The service is primarily directed to assisting the owners of power industry and civil assets (both above and below ground).

Capabilities at a Glance:

Leading specialists in the management of power systems and subsurface civil assets for maximum life and reliability

  • Professional expertise from leading consultants!
  • Risk management strategies covering a diverse but comprehensive asset list
  • Asset management consulting to ISO55000
  • Specialists in the effective life management of all major above and below ground assets
  • Latest concepts and technologies
  • Customised training packages in asset management matters
  • In-house IP specialising in Quality-of-Outcome-based Asset Management of power and subsurface civil infrastructure
  • International coverage
  • Free scoping presentations...great to deal with!!