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Application of Corona Imaging to MV & HV Insulator Management

By Trevor Lord and Graham Hodge Lord Consulting Limited
Application of Corona Imaging to MV & HV Insulator Management

Re-released due to popular demand.


This paper examines the current state of corona discharge imaging technologies for high voltage electrical power networks. Thermal imaging has been extensively used for surveying thermal losses from buildings and industrial plant for many years, and the benefi ts of its application to electrical network problem detection and diagnosis are now well established. The newer cousin, corona imaging, creates an electronic image of corona discharge activity using UV light generated by the impact of excessive electric fi eld stress on air. Corona imaging is rapidly proving itself as a very useful diagnostic tool to network operators concerned with preserving the life of the system components. This paper focuses on UV imaging in electrical power networks, outlining the corona mechanisms at work and some practical applications of these cameras.

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