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TR Lord and Associates t/a AVO New Zealand, LORD Power Equipment and LORD Consulting is a Christchurch based company situated at 39 Leslie Hills Drive, Riccarton, Christchurch, New Zealand, with branches established in the Auckland and Wellington Regions and a presence in Sydney, Australia.  Founded in 1996, TR Lord and Associates t/a AVO New Zealand, LORD Power Equipment and LORD Consulting plays a pivotal role in the Electrical and Power Industries and services the needs of the LV, MV, HV, and EHV electrical and power sectors in the below listed territories.

TR Lord and Associates t/a AVO New Zealand, LORD Power Equipment and LORD Consulting pride ourselves on having arguably the most comprehensive range of electrical test and measurement equipment available from a single source in New Zealand.

Through our commitment to a ‘total solutions' service we provide for the wider needs of the Industry through comprehensive training programmes, industry seminars, news updates, technical and applications advice, repair, backup, and calibration.  A Customer Services group caters on-line and in person for technical needs.

The focus of  TR Lord and Associates t/a AVO New Zealand, LORD Power Equipment and LORD Consulting is the provision of suitable equipment and applications expertise to permit adequate testing and assessment of electrical and power system assets to determine or assess their condition, safety, and reliability. From such information, effective asset management decisions may follow and our associated consulting arm, provides additional expertise.

Test equipment offered for the LV industry includes insulation, loop, RCD, and appliance testers, as well as clamp meters, multimeters, and voltage probe testers. Additionally, the needs of the industrial LV market are covered by a comprehensive range of Cat 4 equipment, thermographic cameras, electric motor testers, phase and rotation meters, power quality recorders, light meters, earth testers, thermometers, and data loggers. Specialised electronic test equipment is offered including signal generators, function generators, frequency meters, spectrum analysers, and bench power supplies.

The needs of the MV, HV, and EHV power industry testing are covered by 5 and 10 kV insulation testers, power factor & tan delta test sets, battery testing equipment, low resistance ohmmeters, relay test sets, partial discharge ‘PD' equipment. transformer test sets for winding/ratio/tap changer/oil/DGA/SFRA/DFR,  maximum demand indicators, on-line monitoring equipment for switchgear/cable/ transformers/HV Power Lines and SF6 gas testing equipment, thermographic cameras, corona cameras, switchgear testing and monitoring equipment and advanced power quality testers for underground cables or overhead lines or other such equipment we may work with from time to time..

Many leading brands are represented, including Megger, RH Systems, Appa, DerEe, UVIRCO, and P&B Weir, Power Solutions LLC, Doble/Morgan Shaffer, Acksen, SEW, CEEM, Shemar.

We service clients in the territories of New Zealand, Australia, UK and the Pacific, offering a unique level of service in quality and diversity, including:

  • A comprehensive range of electrical testing and measuring products of the highest quality, functionality innovation and safety.
  • Industry-specific product training and application support.
  • Development, review, and implementation of power asset maintenance policies, specifications, and practices.
  • Assistance in establishing both on-line monitoring and condition-based maintenance philosophies.
  • Preparation and review of maintenance tender specifications.
  • Generic or customised training for Power Industry technicians in a comprehensive range of disciplines via short, focused courses.
  • Industry forums, Conferences, and regular news disseminations to promote and develop the highest possible standards of Industry practice.

Assistance with client business and marketing development strategies to maximise the profit and / or goal potential of our services.