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Corporate Profile

The Company - An Introduction:

Established in 1996, LORD Consulting plays a pivotal role in the Electrical and Power Industries throughout Australasia. We operate primarily in Australia and New Zealand but are happy to assist clients internationally.

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Trevor Lord - Founding Director

Founder and CEO, Mr Trevor Lord, is a tertiary-qualified electrical engineer and third generation in his family as a service provider to the electrical and power industries.
The Company is an active Collective Member of Cigre and a regular attendee at major Industry events internationally, ensuring currency and accuracy of its advice and guidance.
LORD Consulting offers the Australasian power industry a unique level of service in quality and diversity, including:

  • Development, review, and implementation of power asset management policies, specifications, and practices.
  • Preparation of electrical infrastructure Asset Management Plans to the Internationally-recognised ISO 55000 asset management standard, and assisting with developing strategies and processes for their successful implementation as required.
  • Assistance in establishing both on-line monitoring and condition-based maintenance philosophies.
  • Environmental compliance in the use of Power Industry technologies, particularly SF6 gas
  • Preparation and review of tender specifications.
  • Training of power industry technicians in a comprehensive range of disciplines.
  • Industry forums, Conferences, and regular news dissemination's to promote and develop the highest possible standards of Industry practice.
  • Assistance with client business and marketing development strategies to maximise the profit and / or goal potential of LORD services.

Our Vision:

For the Australasian power industry to achieve , through our expertise and commitment to a ‘total solutions’ industry-focused service, an internationally enviable level of “best practice” in asset reliability, longevity, safety, environmental compliance, and realised stakeholder expectations.

Our Focus:

LORD Consulting works closely with clients and customers at all levels to ensure that both their desired outcomes and organisational goals are achieved. Strategic issues variously assessed as part of the delivery process include: corporate policy on reliability and performance issues in that regard; maintenance philosophies, practices and policies adopted; priorities identified by client and their stakeholders; budget issues; equipment resource; personnel training levels and application proficiency; and associated client marketing / business development matters.

Training Programmes:

LORD Consulting is committed to providing the best available training and commissioning support for all our services. Training is focused on meeting the client’s particular business objective for that service or product. Training programmes are tailored to the client’s circumstances and can be provided on site or in other facilities as required. Assessment and Certificates of Competency are often an integral part of our training programmes. We also provide regular industry forums to promote new ideas and a better standard of, and commitment to, industry best practice.

Consultancy Services:

LORD Consulting draws from a retained base of internationally-recognised consultants in the field of practical power industry network asset management. Our consultants are authorities in policy formulation, corporate strategic vision, asset management to world best practice, environmental management in the power sector context, project management, process audit, training, planning, technical assistance, technical documentation, and implementation of maintenance programmes.

In-house developed intellectual property also aids in the innovations applied to asset management processes proposed.
Essentially, our main goal is to deliver an appropriately-conceived asset management environment focused on minimising the occurrences of unwarranted ‘surprises’ arising from apparent sudden changes in asset status.

In the case of power network asset maintenance-related consultancies, a particular specialty is the provision of processes which inherently offer the least possible invasive impact to the plant under test in the course of their implementation.

We recognise the constraints of limited budgets and the impact of change on the operating environment at both a personal and technical level, working with our clients in a sensitive and professional manner to ensure the best possible outcomes.

All consultancies are, wherever possible, delivered as priced packages whose outcomes and deliverables are defined and itemised.

Consultancy services offered in the areas of expertise outlined below include (but are not limited to):

  • Preparation, and peer review, to ISO 55000 of Asset Management Plans for MV and HV assets
  • Implementation of appropriate Asset Management processes
  • Gap analysis studies against ‘best practice’
  • Advice on most economic means of upgrading current maintenance practice
  • Prioritisation of maintenance and monitoring programmes to meet stakeholder expectations
  • Training of staff to obtain the best possible outcomes in asset management techniques
  • Formal condition reports of power system plant based upon supplied ( or determined ) information
  • Advice on appropriate asset condition assessment techniques to meet desired corporate of strategic outcomes
  • Incident or failure investigations on power systems assets
  • Environmental and ‘carbon footprint’ minimisation techniques, specialising in SF6 gas
  • Safety issues when working near energised power systems assets.

Areas of expertise in the management of MV and HV power assets include (but by no means limited to):

  • Power cables (best practice in specification, laying, commissioning, fault location, tracing and location, and condition assessment).
  • Transformers (best practice in life management and condition assessment techniques)
  • Switchgear, all types (best practice in life management and condition assessment techniques)
  • Batteries (best practice in life management and condition assessment techniques)
  • Protection
  • MV and HV insulators (best practice in life management and condition assessment techniques)
  • Metering Concepts (smart and conventional)
  • Generator and Large Motor management
  • Power Quality
  • Power System asset failure mechanisms

Technologies in which LORD specialises include:

  • On-line monitoring and condition assessment for all power assets
  • Off-line testing, condition assessment, and fault-finding for all power assets
  • Partial Discharge (on and off-line)
  • Thermography
  • Corona and corona management
  • SF6 gas management
  • Insulating oil management
  • Pole management
  • Insulator inspection
  • Animal deterrents near MV plant
  • MV and HV pressure testing
  • Protection
  • Power Quality
  • Earthing system assessment


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