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Lord Consulting - Quality Assurance Manual

Section 19 - Servicing


The Lord Consulting Quality System does not incorporate servicing at this time. Should the situation change, the appropriate procedures will be written as required.

Products returned under Warranty are documented on a Corrective Action Form (CAR) and dealt with in an appropriate manner. All repair work is performed by approved Sub Contractors as defined in Section 6 - Purchasing of this Quality Assurance Manual.

19.01 Servicing


This procedure describes the processing of goods for repair and calibration as employed by Lord Consulting.


All goods requiring repair or calibration are processed through Christchurch Warehouse.


Information is detailed on a Job Schedule listing date goods received and job number followed by customer name and brief contact details, customer Order number and model and serial number of item for repair/calibration. The Job Schedule also has a column for date returned to customer.


Full information is then detailed on the Service Record Sheet where all details pertaining to the repair/calibration are listed.

The original of the Service Record Sheet is attached to the goods and the Warehouse keeps a copy with all other relevant information such as customer's Order and any correspondence attached. A self adhesive label with Job Number written on it is attached to the goods. The goods are then sent to approved sub contractors as appropriate.


The Job Schedule and Service Record Sheets are filed in an Eastlight (or similar) folder labeled "Work in Progress". The Job Schedule acts as a job reference for the Service Record Sheets and is positioned at the front of the folder. Service Record Sheets are then filed numerically in the folders.


The reverse side of the Service Record Sheet serves as a Service Update Record. All information including parts required, parts ordered, parts due, awaiting approval from customer, estimates for repairs etc are recorded here so that any personnel can provide an accurate and up to date report to customers.


On completion of repairs/calibrations a Packing Slip is processed as per and goods dispatched.


Once goods have been dispatched the dispatch date is entered against the appropriate entry on the Job Schedule and a line ruled through it to indicate the job is now completed.


Completed Service Record Sheets are removed from the "Work in Progress" file and filed in office filing system.

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