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Lord Consulting - Quality Assurance Manual

Section 17 - Internal Quality Audits


This section of the Quality Assurance Manual details the procedures maintained to measure compliance of company activities with all aspects of ISO 9001:1994 and determine the Quality System's effectiveness.


17.01 Audit Programme and Procedure
16.02 Audit Reports
16.03 Approved Auditors
16.04 Audit Schedule

17.01 Audit Programme and Procedure


This procedure outlines the Internal Audit Programme for Lord Consulting Quality System.


The entire Quality System is audited, at least, annually. This audit ensures that the Quality System documentation adequately defines the needs of the business, that the documented procedures are practical, understood and followed and that training is adequate.


Each Department is audited at least annually, according to the schedule in Section 17.04 of this procedure.


An audit may be designed to demonstrate that a particular Quality System element is functioning in accordance with the documented Quality Assurance Manual Procedure across the Company or Department. This is conducted by assessing the degree of implementation of the documented procedure. Procedural statements are turned into questions and the answers received determine if the procedure is fully implemented. Non compliance with a Quality Procedure is recorded in the Audit Report.


An audit may be designed to demonstrate that all stages of a selected specific job comply with all the documented procedures necessary to complete that job. This is conducted by reviewing a completed job and ensuring that all the relevant documentation has been completed correctly. Non compliance with a documented procedure is recorded in the Audit Report.


An audit may be designed to demonstrate compliance of each individual task with the relevant Process Procedure. This is conducted by observing personnel carry out a specific document task. Non compliance with the documented Process or Technical Procedure is recorded in the Audit Report.


An audit may be any combination of the aforementioned (Sections 17.01.03, 17.01.04 and 17.01.05) depending on the importance of a particular part to the Quality System.


The outcome of an Internal Quality Audit, as documented in the Audit Report is reviewed at the Management Review Meeting. The Corrective Action Requests, resulting from the audit, are also reviewed to confirm their implementation and the effectiveness of the action taken.

17.02 Audit Reports


This procedure outlines the reporting of Internal Audits as performed by Lord Consulting.


All Internal Audits are formally reported, the report format being of the "exception" type. Exception reporting consists of only detailing actual non compliance or points of concern that require follow-up action. However, a copy of the auditor's notes are retained on file to show the scope of the audit.


A copy of each Internal Audit Report is circulated to the Managing Director, Quality Manager, General Manager and appropriate Department/Product Managers and personnel.


A copy of each Audit Report is held, on file, by the Quality Manager.


Corrective Action Requests, resulting from the Audit Report, are raised by the auditor and given to the Quality Manager for implementation.


The auditor is responsible for the ensuring:

  1. Interim measures are implemented to minimize problems until a raised corrective action is completed.
  2. Corrective Action Requests raised from the audit are addressed and the resulting action implemented within a suitable time frame.

17.03 Approved Auditors


This procedure details personnel able to perform Internal Audits on the Lord Consulting Quality System.


Audits can only be carried out by individuals who are independent of the function being audited and are appropriately trained.


Audits may be carried out by authorized individuals nominated by the Managing Director or Quality Manager. These individuals must have a comprehensive understanding of Process and should be independent of the activity being audited.

17.04 Audit Schedule


This procedure details the audit schedule to be followed for the performance of Internal Audits on the Lord Consulting Quality System.


The entire Lord Consulting Quality System will be audited annually in the period May - June.


The individual departments of Lord Consulting will be audited annually as follows:

  • Christchurch Head Office: May - June
  • Christchurch Warehouse: May - June

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