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Lord Consulting - Quality Assurance Manual

Section 13 - Control of Non-Conforming Product


Lord Consulting has procedures that include the control of product that does not conform to the specified requirements. These procedures ensure that the non conforming product is identified, documented, evaluated, segregated (where possible) and disposed of. Non conformance may be result from a deviation from the specified product requirements and/or procedures detailed in Lord Consulting Quality System Manuals.

Upon identification of a non conformance, a Corrective Action Request (CAR) Form is raised (Section 14 - Corrective and Preventive Action of the Quality Assurance Manual).

The actioning of a Corrective Action Request (CAR) Form will ensure that the non conformance is investigated to determine the root cause and reviewed to determine it's disposition and prevent future recurrence.

Disposition of non conforming product may involve reprocessing, acceptance with or without repair by concession, re-grading for alternative application or complete rejection. Where required by contract, any reprocessing, re-grading or other disposition of non conforming product is reported, for concession, to the client or client's representative. The status of the product is recorded to denote actual condition. Any product that is reprocessed is re-inspected accordingly.

In the event of a customer complaint a Corrective Action Request (CAR) Form is raised by the staff member receiving the complaint and an appropriate Senior Manager notified.

A Corrective Action Request (CAR) Form may be raised for production machinery or production checking/testing equipment that is found to be defective or out of calibration. It is tagged with a photocopy of the CAR Form and segregated (where practical) to an isolation area of the factory clearly marked "Non Conforming Product Area".

Non conforming product in the Inwards Goods Store / Production Facility is isolated in accordance with Section 06.04.02 ) of the Quality Assurance Manual.

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