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Lord Consulting - Quality Assurance Manual

Section 11 - Control of Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment


This procedure describes the control of inspection measuring and test equipment used by Lord Consulting.


Lord Consulting ensures all Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment is selected, used, maintained and calibrated to an extent consistent with its type and service duty, appropriate to the degree of accuracy and precision required.


All Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment, affecting product quality, is identified, and calibrated at least annually by either:

  1. Appropriately approved sub contractors (in accordance with Section 06.01 of this Quality Manual) against certified equipment having a known relationship to recognised Standards,


  1. In-house by the Senior Factory Technician against a Transfer Standard instrument calibrated as above.

Where no such Standards exist, the basis for calibration is documented. Technical data pertaining to measurement devices is made available, on request, to the client, or the client's representative, for verification that the devices are functionally adequate.


Records of calibration status, test documentation, and calibration certificates (where applicable) are maintained by the Production Manager. Re-calibrations are scheduled by the Production Manager from these records.


In the event of a significant non conformance of any Inspection, Measuring and Test Equipment, the validity of previous inspection and test results is assessed. Any non conforming item of equipment is marked and removed from service.


Items that require calibration are clearly marked to show calibration status.

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